We are Leentje, from Belgium, Camilo, from Colombia.

Leentje and Camilo met 11 years ago in Argentina. In 2015 they moved to Barcelona where they created InCityBox and The Impact Gift Co, businesses specialised in corporate gourmet gifts.

No need to say we love wine! That is why we started this project. Leentje is the one answering your emails and calls while Camilo is coordinating and preparing your orders. 

WHAT type of wines do we offer?

Our story originates out of our passion for the wondrously diverse world of wine and our respect for the local winemakers and the environment that generates their tantalizing produce.

At Cluvig, we select the best artisanal spanish wines for you produced by vignerons who cultivate their own vineyards and deliver them to your door.


A vigneron is a winemaker who works his own vineyard sustainably, respecting the local tradition and environment by intervening as little as possible in the surroundings and limiting the potential impact of the farm as much as possible.

Vignerons exhibit their craft in the artisanal methods they utilize to process their grapes and create their unique wines, resulting in a product limited in quantity but not quality which can diverge greatly from the standard commercial parameters attributable to mass-produced wines.

Vignerons hold a different winemaking philosophy altogether, allowing them the artistic freedom to express their personality and winemaking talents in the exquisite wines they create.

We want you to be able to enjoy the unique fruit of the vignerons labors, skill and passion from the comfort of your home.